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 Participants of the exhibition 

Participants of the exhibition

Exhibition "Salon of yachts and boats 2007" through the eyes of the participants.

Dmitry Bazalev, sales manager « ROYALE MARINE », Moscow

Our company annually participates in the exhibition «Salon yachts and boats». I can say that this year's show, as usual, a success. It is best to talk about it a number of potential buyers, which we acquired through the exhibition. Magnificent attendance, the number of truly interested in buying rather than «tourists», remains at a decent level.

It is a pity that the yacht market still exhibits chaos reigns, otherwise return on the investment of money would be much higher.

As a result of counting the registered visitors to our stand can safely claim that attendance at the IFA exhibition in the pavilion Crocus Expo 4-fold higher than water exposure of the other (we have this year tried both).

Nikita Obukhov, sales manager Gart Marine Group , Tver

Despite its modest size of this year, the exhibit in the pavilion «Salon boat» do not suffer from the lack of visitors. Moreover, much of it is the target audience for our products. Therefore, the participation in this event Gart Marine Group is fully justified itself. Personally himself would like to thank the organizers of the exhibition for the flexibility and professionalism!

Utemov Oleg, commercial director of NORDIC BOAT , Saint-Petersburg

in September 2007. Company Nordic Boat - the exclusive representative of the Norwegian company Nordic Ocean Craft in Russia, took part in the 4th Moscow International Exhibition «Salon yachts and boats». At the exhibition, we presented the boat Nordic 38 - popular in Scandinavia Express Cruiser. Due to the large influx of visitors, as well as genuine interest to the exhibits, the exhibition was interesting and rich. Every day at the Nordic 38, to collect a large number of «interested», and this was no accident. We provide future owners full details, and expect the participation of a good effect.

We are satisfied with the results of the exhibition and is pleased to take part in it next year.

Gennadi Chizhov, head of advertising and commercial department, Group «Admiral» , Moscow

Currently Moscow yacht market facing a difficult period exhibits stabilization. Perhaps, therefore, «Salon yachts and boats» still difficult to identify large-scale event. But for us, both for the participants, is not the pathos and pomposity event, and its effectiveness. In this case, our expectations come true. We are happy with the results.
It should be noted
target audience «Salon yachts and boats», probably due to the spot verified advertising policy. Most visitors come with a clearly defined purpose: to select or navigate a boat in a variety of proposals to purchase the next season.

In the future I would like to wish for the security of all parties access to the Internet. That would be a significant tool for us to work during the exhibition period.

In general, it can confidently conclude that the autumn exhibition «Salon yachts and boats» should be. And it should take place in «Crocus-Expo». First, because of the successful location of the exhibition center, and, secondly, because for the past few years, the autumn exhibition proves to be effective on the basis of its holding. Accordingly, the Panel «Admiral» will take part in the subsequent autumn exhibitions in «Crocus-Expo».

Ayupov Robert, director of development company «Marine Trade» , Moscow

The 4th Moscow International Exhibition «Salon yachts and boats» Our company represents American boats and yachts REGAL. A large number of interested visitors visited our stand and we look forward to a great number of orders.

I wish the exhibition more participants, as well as continue to grow professionally.

Edward Sinitsa, LLC« Poseidon-Marin », St Petersburg
In September, the company
«Poseidon-M» has participated in the Salon of 2007 yachts and boats. We really liked the organization of the exhibition. Everything was available, easily and simply. Despite the small size of the exhibition, visitors and the results are impressive.

Motor yachts type Mainship Trawler, presented by our company, enjoyed great interest among the visitors. This area is becoming very popular nowadays. Our company will spare no effort in the development of this direction. We try to keep pace with the times. We will continue to cooperate and participate in exhibitions, expanded advertising campaign. Through this exhibition, we entered into several contracts, received offers of cooperation and expanding field of activity.

Company Poseidon thanked the administration of personal and Anna Danilchenko for active work and cooperation. We wish you success in your work. We wait for your invitations.

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